Friday, November 30, 2012

8 Tips for Wedding Reception Seating

Just like any formal dinning situation, formulating the perfect seating arrangement at your wedding can be quite tricky. Whether you have table assignments or specific seating arrangements, here a few tips to think about when designing your seating lay out...

  1. Even if you (the bride & groom) do not have your own table, make sure you are centrally located so everyone can see you throughout the reception.
  2. If you have elderly guest make sure they are seated far from the speakers, but close enough to still see  all of the main events.
  3. Place tables in groups with other table where guests know each other. This will promote cross table mingling.
  4. Will you be having a buffet service? Allow for elderly guest to see near the buffet stations so they do not have walk as far through a maze of guests.
  5. Make sure each guest knows at least one other guest at their table. (Just because you have a group of single friends, it does not mean they are all social and you don't want anyone feeling left out)
  6. Allow for enough access on and off the dance floor. (Give a little more room between tables that are located on the perimeter of the dance floor)
  7. Will you be using escort cards? Make sure the cards are neatly arranged in alphabetical order  so it easier for your guests to find their name.
  8. Will you be using place cards? Make sure you have a clearly marked chart or map at the entrance of your reception so guest can find their table quickly.

Hope these few tips help you with your table arrangments!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weddings - So Much to Be Thankful For

What a better time than Thanksgiving week to sit down and think about what we are really thankful for!

During the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, sometimes what we are truly thankful for can seem to get lost amidst the frantic store wide sales, cookie decorating madness and holiday party obligations. It is during this crazed time that even the smallest act of kindness or show of thanks can really make the difference in someones life!

Wedding planning can often seem like you are in the "Holiday Season" 24/7. Sometimes amidst all the planning, store searching, web browsing, party obligations, gift giving and receiving we can loose touch of the big picture.

Here are a few ideas to show some of your love and appreciation to those who matter most!

  • Write love letters to your bride or groom throughout the engagement process. Share all the things you love about them, funny memories about the process, excitements, dreams and most importantly why you are so thankful to have him or her by your side!

  • Sometimes you need a little boost just because. This cute little DIY frame is a great way to let your spouse know that you noticed when they did something sweet. Just use a white board marker to fill in the blank and place the frame somewhere noticeable (i.e. next to where you put your car keys). It will be sure to brighten his or her day!

  •  Don't forget about the Dads! This heartfelt handkerchief is a great way to show thanks to your dad for all of his love and support!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Spin on the Wedding Guest Book

Many of today's couple are all about mixing the old with the new! In other words they love the idea of the long time wedding traditions, but like to add their own spin on them. Take the traditional guest book for example. What was once a way to acknowledge and respect the bride & grooms transition into marriage is now more of a fun way to interact, enjoy and reflect such a momentous day!

Couples today are all about getting their guest involved, and what better way than to start off your reception with a fun and interactive guest book! Below are a few ideas to get the creativity flowing... 

1) Love to play games? Try the Jenga guest book. You will be sure to have some good laughs and fond memories as you play this game as newlyweds!


2) The thumbprint wedding tree is a great way for your guests to leave their mark on your special day!

3) Are you a musical couple? Think about your guest signing your favorite instrument... you will be sure to become the "rock stars" of your own wedding!

4) Finally, always a favorite is the photo booth guest book. Stir things up even more by adding props or chalk boards where guests can write messages to the bride and groom in the photo!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Day Time Capsule

With all the buzz and mountains of details surrounding the actually wedding day, post-wedding mementos tend to be forgotten or left until it's too late. Your wedding memories are not something to just be cherished for one day, but rather for a lifetime!

Although your wedding photos will serve as a great memoir for you wedding day, sometimes it's those little extra tidbits that can truly spark a great memory! A Wedding Day Time Capsule is a great way to capture all those special little moments. Some capsules like the one above, can be ordered with preset items to assist you in gathering your mementos. However, below are a few more ideas we wanted to share with you...

  • Newspaper clippings from the day of your wedding
  • Love letters to each other written just days before the wedding (no peeking!)
  • A picture of your first kiss as husband and wife
  • Fabric swatches from your bridesmaids dress and table linens
  • Dried flowers from your centerpieces or boutonnieres
  • Photos your guests took of the wedding day or from your photo booth
  • Little trinkets to signify funny memories ( i.e. a safety pin with a note tied to it explaining how a button popped off the back of your dress right before you were about to walk down the aisle. Luckily your Maid of Honor stepped in with a safety pin laughing and saying "I've always got your back" while pinning you back together.)
  • Words of wisdom from your quests (Have each guest fill out a note card with marriage advice. See how their advice helped when you read them again years later)
  • Each write out a timeline of where you think you will be and what you would like to do in 5, 10, 25, 50 years from now...see how far you have come along!
  • A sample of the perfume/colonge you each wore
  • A trinket from your wedding night

After you fill your capsule, seal it up and then open it again on every milestone anniversary (1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th...) Not only will it be fun to revisit old "scrapbook" type memories, but it will also be exciting to see how your thoughts of the future compair with the realities of today!

**Think about enjoying your "unveiling" with a bottle of your favorite wine or with the wine you drank on your wedding day!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Things Many Brides Forget

It's hard to imagine with all the planning you are doing and with all the tools available to brides, form bridal 101 books to planning binders to organizational websites, that you might have left something out. But from our experience, even with all these tools and guidance at least one of the do-to's slips off the list. As planners we try to make sure that you have thought of everything and below are a few reminders we share with our brides of items that tend to be forgotten.

  1. Final Confirmations/Timelines for Vendors - Many professionals have their own system that works best for their type of service when it comes to organization information for your wedding. If you do not have a day-of coordinator or point person for the day-of your wedding, some of the details can be slightly different for one vendor to the next. It is important that you confirm times and locations with all of you vendors at least a week out to make sure everyone is on the same page. Or create a master timeline for all of your vendors to follow. Your bridal party will also have a busy schedule that day, with hair, make-up, pictures, toasts etc...make sure you give them a break down of the day as well so they are not overwhelmed and know where to be when.
  2. Bringing the Legal Documents - This is one of the most important aspects of you wedding day; after all it is the signing of the marriage certificate that legalizes the entire marriage.  Make sure to apply for you Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month and one day before your actual wedding day. Also don't for get to bring multiple copies of the marriage certificate to sign after your ceremony!
  3. Bringing Your Overnight Bag - Many couple get so excited with the wedding itself and the honeymoon after that they forget about planning for the night in between. Often you can check in early to your overnight suite and have a friend drop off these items before hand. If not, designate someone to to hold onto your bags or drop them off later. 
  4. Know Who Takes What - After you have celebrated at your reception, said your final good-byes and are whisked off to your honeymoon suite, there are still many items that need to be collected or taken care of. These items include gifts, left over favors, centerpieces, toasting flutes, cake serving wear, cake stand, flowers, guestbook..etc. Of course after a long day of fun, clean up is the last thing you want to think of. If you do not have a planner/coordinator to collect these items for you, make sure you designate a few people before hand to collect these items. With a team of helpers, they should have things gathered in no time!
  5. Picture Time - Your wedding photos will become one of the most cherished mementos from you wedding and often times you only have one moment to capture that perfect picture. It is important that you really outline with your photographer what photos you want and with whom. Remember, unless you tell your photographer, they probably don't know who aunt Sally is or that she flew over 3,000 miles to be in this once in a lifetime family photo. Make sure your photographer has a complete list of who you want in each photo. Also, tell your family and friends that you would like to be in your photo's were they need to be and at what time. You don't want to spend have of your time looking for wandering family members.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Something Blue...

Something old, something new, somethings borrowed..something blue?

This famous tradition has been passed down for generations, wishing new brides everywhere a bright future with continuity, optimism, happiness, purity and love. These four "somethings" or objects are added to a brides wedding outfit , usually right before she walks down the aisle, as good luck charms for her big day! These tokens of love are often giving to the bride by family, friends or her attendants. Often times the first three objects tend to have been planned for years or are a little easier to come up with, were as being creative with the "something blue" often stumps many. Of course there are always the more traditional "something blue" items, such as her toss garter, wedding jewels, hair accessories, lingerie, gloves or her mothers handkerchief. However, if you wish to do something a little outside the norm we have listed a few more idea's below:


Let's start with shoes! Often times a brides shoes are hidden beneath yards of fabric from her beautiful gown, which allows a perfect opportunity to hide that "something blue." (The reveal can often lead to a great photo op!) Of course, the shoes themselves can be blue, or to be a little more discreet, you can paint the soles of the shoes blue. Want your attends to share a part in your "something blue"? Ask each of them to sign their name or their words of wisdom on the bottom of your shoes in blue sharpie. You can also mark the bottom your shoes with lettering out of blue rhinestones, stickers, glitter...etc.  On each shoe place one word such as " I do", "Mr. & Mrs.", "I'm Yours" or even your wedding date. Later that evening when your dancing the night away and kicking up your heels, a glimpse of your something blue will be there for all to see!

Another secret spot for your "something blue" is the inside hem of your wedding dress. Here you can stitch your names or wedding date in blue thread. Not only is this a cute addition to the day of your wedding , but it is a great memento should you wish to pass on your wedding dress to future generations!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Reception Seating - Place Card & Escort Card Ideas

When it comes to seating guests at your wedding reception, you have multiple options. From open seating, to escort cards, to seating charts, to place cards…it all depends on your personal taste and the formality of your event. What is the difference you ask? You are not the only one. Often times we have brides asking... "What is the difference is between place cards and escort cards?" or "What is the difference between escort cards and seating charts?" To best explain the differences between your seating options, let’s start at the dinning tables and work our way outward….

A place card is a card (or other name indicator) that is placed at every seat at each dining table prior to the start of an event, specifying the exact seat at which a guest should sit. An escort card is located at a separate location (usually on a table at the entrance of the dining area). Each card displays a guests name (usually in alphabetical order) along with the specific table they should sit at. Now for those who wish to forgo the whole card idea, but still wish to indicate where your guest sit, a seating cart could be a good option for you. A seating chart is a list chart or diagram layout of you dinning area, which lists all the quests’ names and their assigned tables. Although all of these options allow for theme great ideas, formal assigned seating is not a must. If you are looking for a more casual feel, open seating is perfect for you. Open seating allows for guest to sit at any seat at any table.
We have including some theme ideas below if you are looking to add a little pizzazz to your reception and love the place card or escort card concept.
Quite 'Charm'ing
Great for a wine theme or vineyard setting.  Attach escort cards to wine charms or use a cork as a place/escort card holder.
“Please Be Seeded”
Great for a garden theme or love for plants. Take a planter box (or similar looking tray) and fill decorative moss. Then place each card on top of the moss with a sign that reads “Please Be Seeded.” Or use small orange planters pots with prepackaged seedlings and create plant name tags/sticks with your guests name. (Double as a favor!)
Book Worm
Great for book lovers. Set up a row of old books on a table then create bookmark escort cards and place one in each book in alphabetical order.
Great for vintage theme. Re-purpose an old pair of shutters and hang cards on the slats. Or find a large antique picture frame and attach rows of string across the back of the frame. Then hang or pin your cards to the string.
Country Chic
Great for country or rustic theme. Tie some decorative ribbon around some hay bales and attach the cards to the ribbon. Or hang up a laundry line between two trees clothes pinned the cards to the line. 
Great if you want to add more color to your tables. Try writing your guests names on fruit (i.e. apples). This could also be a cute idea if the bride or groom is a teacher!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Great Guest Giveaways!

Do you already have your wedding favors, but would like to do a little extra something for your guests? Or....Are you looking for your favors to be something your guests can actually use the day of your wedding?

As we all know, every wedding is unique, and sometimes it’s these unique details that call for a little extra flare! From warm beach weddings to wine themed soirées, there are many ways to make your guests feel truly welcome on your special day. Check out the guest giveaway ideas below for some inspiration!

                                   Compliments of                                       Compliments of

Pashmina’s - For Cool Outdoor Weddings
·      If you would like to hold your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception outside, but are worried about possible cool weather, provide a basket of pashmina’s as your guests arrive. You can provide a variety of colors for your guest to choose form. Or you can create a unique effect by providing them in colors that match your wedding color scheme. Watch to see how even your guests add to your overall wedding look!

Flip-flops – For Beach Weddings or Dancing the Night Away
·      Having a beach wedding ceremony, but worried about your guests wanting to wear shoes that aren’t exactly beach ready? Provide a basket of flip-flops at the entrance of your ceremony (in a variety of sizes) for your guest to wear. Or…Want your guests to feel comfortable and spend night dancing away, but know your venue has a strict “must wear shoes at all times” policy? This is another great opportunity to supply a variety of flip-flops for your guests. Your guests and their happy feet will be sure to thank you later!

Fans - For Hot Outdoor Ceremony’s  (Can Double as a Program!)
·      Having your wedding outdoors in the peak of the summer? Place a fan on everyone’s seat to help them cool off throughout the day. Want a two-for-one steal? Use printable paper fans and include your wedding day program on the back of each fan.

Parasols’ - For Outdoor Cocktail Hour
·      Allow your guest to be shaded from the hot sun by providing parasol’s for your cocktail hour. Add a special touch by inscribing your monogram on each parasol. (Perfect for vintage style weddings!)

Personalized Wine Glasses – (Can Double as a Favor!)
·      Personalize wine glasses with your name, wedding date or monogram and provide them to your guests during cocktail hour or at each table during your reception. At the end of the night your guests can take them home as a favor. (Great for wine themed weddings)

Wine Charms
·      Providing a variety of wine glass charms to your guest so they can keep track of their glass throughout the evening, is a fun personal touch and a great way to save on paying for a multitude of extra glassware!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bathroom Amenities Baskets – Thoughtful and Classy

In our last blog post, we shared how sometimes it's the littlest details that can give the biggest impact and truly make a wedding unique. A bathroom amenities basket for your guests is one of those little touches that will surely be noticed! This thoughtful and classy gesture will truly come in handy for those “I wish I had brought….” moments. By the end of the night you will find that your baskets went to good use and were greatly appreciated by your guests!


Below is a list of a few items to think about including in your baskets. Although some of the items repeat, there are two separate lists for the Lady’s Room and Men’s Room. 

Already have your bathroom amenities baskets planned out? 
Check out our bonus items to see if we found something you may not have thought of!

Lady’s Room: 

~ Mints                                  ~ Hair Elastics
~ Hairspray                          ~ Bobby Pins
~ Tissue                                 ~ Tide-to-Go Stick
~ Spritzer/Perfume           ~ Lint Roller
~ Mouthwash                       ~ Q-tips
~ Dental Floss                      ~ Clear Nail Polish
~ Hand Lotion                      ~ Mini Sewing Kit
~ Feminine Products         ~ Scissors
~ Blotting Sheets                 ~ Tums
~ Band Aides                        ~ Imodium
~ Moleskin                            ~ Eye Drops
~ Safety Pins                         ~ Advil or Ibuprofen

Something you may not have thought of: Earring backs & Double Sided Tape

Men’s Room:

~ Mints                                  ~ Lint roller
~ Hair Gel                              ~ Safety Pins
~ Tissue                                 ~ Mini Sewing Kit
~ Cologne                              ~ Scissors
~ Mouthwash                       ~ Tums
~ Dental Floss                      ~ Imodium
~ Hand Lotion                      ~ Eye Drops
~ Band Aides                        ~ Advil or Ibuprofen
~ Tide-to-Go stick

Something you may not have thought of: Instant Hem & Cuff Fabric Tape

Want to add an extra “little touch”?
Included a framed engagement photo, poem or note next to each basket addressed to your guests. Below are a couple of more well know poem examples. 

So happy you’re here sharing our special day
But just in case something should go astray:

Please help yourself to the contents within
Mouthwash, hand lotion or ibuprofen

Use what you need, and just leave the rest
For it may be useful to some other guest!

Repair the damage that may have been done,
Then quick!  Hurry back and join in the fun! 

~ Compliments of the Bride & Groom ~

Dear Guests,
Whether your skin feels dry or your hair out of place
You're not feeling so fresh or whatever the case
We've put together a basket to help you along
Now hurry back out before you miss the next song!

~ Compliments of the Bride & Groom ~

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creative Wedding Table Names

Sometimes it’s the littlest touches that make a wedding truly unique to the couple getting married. Creative wedding table numbers or names are a great way to add a unique flare to your wedding and are usually not that difficult to incorporate. Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Locations: Think of places the two of you have traveled to together or would like to travel to. Then list each table as the names of theses locations, as a picture of these locations or as a picture of the two of you in these locations
  • Engagement photos: Add a different engagement photo to each table number
  • Hobbies you have together: For example if you both like to garden, name each table a different flower or herb
  • Music: List of your favorite songs or artists
  • Tie into your theme: For example if you are getting married at a vineyard, name each table a different type of wine or make custom wine bottle labels
  • Multilingual Couple?: Write “I Love You” in different languages
  • Your Story: For example if you met in college include names of halls, buildings or locations either tied to that school or special to how you met
  • Q&A: Label each table with a statement to resemble a question (i.e. First Memory). Then on the table include a picture of each of you. Below each picture state the full question (i.e. What is your first memory of _____?) and then your separate answers. (Give your answers to a third party to make it a surprise for the both of you as well!)

These are just a few of many ideas to give your wedding a more personal touch. You can even take the creativity one step further by adding some DIY crafting to the display of your table names. From picture frames to bedazzling the options are endless!