Friday, March 30, 2012

Something Blue...

Something old, something new, somethings borrowed..something blue?

This famous tradition has been passed down for generations, wishing new brides everywhere a bright future with continuity, optimism, happiness, purity and love. These four "somethings" or objects are added to a brides wedding outfit , usually right before she walks down the aisle, as good luck charms for her big day! These tokens of love are often giving to the bride by family, friends or her attendants. Often times the first three objects tend to have been planned for years or are a little easier to come up with, were as being creative with the "something blue" often stumps many. Of course there are always the more traditional "something blue" items, such as her toss garter, wedding jewels, hair accessories, lingerie, gloves or her mothers handkerchief. However, if you wish to do something a little outside the norm we have listed a few more idea's below:


Let's start with shoes! Often times a brides shoes are hidden beneath yards of fabric from her beautiful gown, which allows a perfect opportunity to hide that "something blue." (The reveal can often lead to a great photo op!) Of course, the shoes themselves can be blue, or to be a little more discreet, you can paint the soles of the shoes blue. Want your attends to share a part in your "something blue"? Ask each of them to sign their name or their words of wisdom on the bottom of your shoes in blue sharpie. You can also mark the bottom your shoes with lettering out of blue rhinestones, stickers, glitter...etc.  On each shoe place one word such as " I do", "Mr. & Mrs.", "I'm Yours" or even your wedding date. Later that evening when your dancing the night away and kicking up your heels, a glimpse of your something blue will be there for all to see!

Another secret spot for your "something blue" is the inside hem of your wedding dress. Here you can stitch your names or wedding date in blue thread. Not only is this a cute addition to the day of your wedding , but it is a great memento should you wish to pass on your wedding dress to future generations!

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