Monday, March 12, 2012

Reception Seating - Place Card & Escort Card Ideas

When it comes to seating guests at your wedding reception, you have multiple options. From open seating, to escort cards, to seating charts, to place cards…it all depends on your personal taste and the formality of your event. What is the difference you ask? You are not the only one. Often times we have brides asking... "What is the difference is between place cards and escort cards?" or "What is the difference between escort cards and seating charts?" To best explain the differences between your seating options, let’s start at the dinning tables and work our way outward….

A place card is a card (or other name indicator) that is placed at every seat at each dining table prior to the start of an event, specifying the exact seat at which a guest should sit. An escort card is located at a separate location (usually on a table at the entrance of the dining area). Each card displays a guests name (usually in alphabetical order) along with the specific table they should sit at. Now for those who wish to forgo the whole card idea, but still wish to indicate where your guest sit, a seating cart could be a good option for you. A seating chart is a list chart or diagram layout of you dinning area, which lists all the quests’ names and their assigned tables. Although all of these options allow for theme great ideas, formal assigned seating is not a must. If you are looking for a more casual feel, open seating is perfect for you. Open seating allows for guest to sit at any seat at any table.
We have including some theme ideas below if you are looking to add a little pizzazz to your reception and love the place card or escort card concept.
Quite 'Charm'ing
Great for a wine theme or vineyard setting.  Attach escort cards to wine charms or use a cork as a place/escort card holder.
“Please Be Seeded”
Great for a garden theme or love for plants. Take a planter box (or similar looking tray) and fill decorative moss. Then place each card on top of the moss with a sign that reads “Please Be Seeded.” Or use small orange planters pots with prepackaged seedlings and create plant name tags/sticks with your guests name. (Double as a favor!)
Book Worm
Great for book lovers. Set up a row of old books on a table then create bookmark escort cards and place one in each book in alphabetical order.
Great for vintage theme. Re-purpose an old pair of shutters and hang cards on the slats. Or find a large antique picture frame and attach rows of string across the back of the frame. Then hang or pin your cards to the string.
Country Chic
Great for country or rustic theme. Tie some decorative ribbon around some hay bales and attach the cards to the ribbon. Or hang up a laundry line between two trees clothes pinned the cards to the line. 
Great if you want to add more color to your tables. Try writing your guests names on fruit (i.e. apples). This could also be a cute idea if the bride or groom is a teacher!

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  1. Great post dear. I will keep all these ideas in mind while planning any event. In next few weeks I need to plan an event at corporate events Chicago and I need to know if I can use this same idea for that or it will look too casual for that.