Friday, November 30, 2012

8 Tips for Wedding Reception Seating

Just like any formal dinning situation, formulating the perfect seating arrangement at your wedding can be quite tricky. Whether you have table assignments or specific seating arrangements, here a few tips to think about when designing your seating lay out...

  1. Even if you (the bride & groom) do not have your own table, make sure you are centrally located so everyone can see you throughout the reception.
  2. If you have elderly guest make sure they are seated far from the speakers, but close enough to still see  all of the main events.
  3. Place tables in groups with other table where guests know each other. This will promote cross table mingling.
  4. Will you be having a buffet service? Allow for elderly guest to see near the buffet stations so they do not have walk as far through a maze of guests.
  5. Make sure each guest knows at least one other guest at their table. (Just because you have a group of single friends, it does not mean they are all social and you don't want anyone feeling left out)
  6. Allow for enough access on and off the dance floor. (Give a little more room between tables that are located on the perimeter of the dance floor)
  7. Will you be using escort cards? Make sure the cards are neatly arranged in alphabetical order  so it easier for your guests to find their name.
  8. Will you be using place cards? Make sure you have a clearly marked chart or map at the entrance of your reception so guest can find their table quickly.

Hope these few tips help you with your table arrangments!


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    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing the wedding planner app with our readers!