Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Things Many Brides Forget

It's hard to imagine with all the planning you are doing and with all the tools available to brides, form bridal 101 books to planning binders to organizational websites, that you might have left something out. But from our experience, even with all these tools and guidance at least one of the do-to's slips off the list. As planners we try to make sure that you have thought of everything and below are a few reminders we share with our brides of items that tend to be forgotten.

  1. Final Confirmations/Timelines for Vendors - Many professionals have their own system that works best for their type of service when it comes to organization information for your wedding. If you do not have a day-of coordinator or point person for the day-of your wedding, some of the details can be slightly different for one vendor to the next. It is important that you confirm times and locations with all of you vendors at least a week out to make sure everyone is on the same page. Or create a master timeline for all of your vendors to follow. Your bridal party will also have a busy schedule that day, with hair, make-up, pictures, toasts etc...make sure you give them a break down of the day as well so they are not overwhelmed and know where to be when.
  2. Bringing the Legal Documents - This is one of the most important aspects of you wedding day; after all it is the signing of the marriage certificate that legalizes the entire marriage.  Make sure to apply for you Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month and one day before your actual wedding day. Also don't for get to bring multiple copies of the marriage certificate to sign after your ceremony!
  3. Bringing Your Overnight Bag - Many couple get so excited with the wedding itself and the honeymoon after that they forget about planning for the night in between. Often you can check in early to your overnight suite and have a friend drop off these items before hand. If not, designate someone to to hold onto your bags or drop them off later. 
  4. Know Who Takes What - After you have celebrated at your reception, said your final good-byes and are whisked off to your honeymoon suite, there are still many items that need to be collected or taken care of. These items include gifts, left over favors, centerpieces, toasting flutes, cake serving wear, cake stand, flowers, guestbook..etc. Of course after a long day of fun, clean up is the last thing you want to think of. If you do not have a planner/coordinator to collect these items for you, make sure you designate a few people before hand to collect these items. With a team of helpers, they should have things gathered in no time!
  5. Picture Time - Your wedding photos will become one of the most cherished mementos from you wedding and often times you only have one moment to capture that perfect picture. It is important that you really outline with your photographer what photos you want and with whom. Remember, unless you tell your photographer, they probably don't know who aunt Sally is or that she flew over 3,000 miles to be in this once in a lifetime family photo. Make sure your photographer has a complete list of who you want in each photo. Also, tell your family and friends that you would like to be in your photo's were they need to be and at what time. You don't want to spend have of your time looking for wandering family members.