Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time to Budget for your Wedding – Who Pays for What?

With the New Year quickly approaching it’s time to start thinking about goals for the year. If you are recently engaged, that could mean budgeting for your upcoming big day!

Traditional wedding customs tell us that the bride’s family is financially responsible for the majority of the wedding. Leaving the groom and his family with the rehearsal dinner, bride’s rings, honeymoon and a few other small odds & ends. However, in today’s society these etiquette traditions are seen more as guidelines than rules. Often with couples being more fanatical stable at the time of marriage they end up paying for a lot of the wedding themselves. Another popular option is to have the wedding cost to split into thirds between the bride’s family, groom’s family and the couple.  Whatever you decide, it’s good to remember that every wedding is unique and should reflect the best options for everyone involved.

Below is the Traditional Breakdown of Expenses for your reference:

Bride’s Family Pays For:
·      Engagement Party (optional)
·      Wedding Invitations & Other Stationary (announcements, thank you’s, programs)
·      Wedding Gown & Accessories
·      Wedding Coordinator
·      Décor Flower’s for Ceremony & Reception
·      Bridesmaids Bouquets
·      Music (Ceremony & Reception)
·      Photography
·      Videography
·      Venue Fee’s (Ceremony & Reception)
·      Catering
·      Additional Décor
·      Additional Specialty Vendors
·      Favors
·      Bridal Party Transportation to Ceremony & Reception
·      Bridesmaids Accommodations
·      Their Own Wedding Attire

Groom’s Family Pays for:
·      Engagement Party (optional)
·      Marriage License
·      Officiant’s Fee
·      Rehearsal Dinner
·      Personal Flowers: the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres for wedding party & fathers, corsages for mother’s & grandmothers
·      Their Own Wedding Attire
·      Honeymoon - Including Travel (in conjunction with groom)

Bride Pays for:
·      Groom’s Ring
·      Bridesmaids Luncheon
·      Gifts for Bridesmaids
·      Wedding-Day gift for the Groom
·      Gift for her Parents

Groom Pays for:
·      The Bride’s Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
·      His Formalwear
·      Groomsmen Accommodations
·      Gifts for Groomsmen
·      Wedding-Day gift for the Bride
·      Gift for his Parents
·      Honeymoon - Including Travel (in conjunction with groom’s family)

Attendant’s Pay for:
·      Bachelor & Bachelorette parties
·      Bridal Shower (Bridesmaids pay for)
·      Gifts for Bride & Groom
·      Wedding Attire and Accessories
·      Transportation to and from Wedding Town

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Buffet or Plated Service- My Only Catering Options?

Are you tired of the traditional buffet or plated service catering options for your wedding reception? To add little wow factor and entertainment for your guests, consider Food Stations. This can be a fun way to keep the mood of your wedding very social. Depending on space and price conditions, set up 5 to 10 Chef-attended stations around the room. Each station can feature a different type of cuisine or different variation of one type of cuisine. Every station should include guest interaction and a unique presentation to ensure that overall wow factor for your wedding reception! You want to encourage people to move around the room so they can taste each of the delicious cuisines, so make sure you make it easy for them to do so.

Do you like buffet and plated service, but know with your time and/or space constraints, you need to consider other catering options?  If this is the case, Family Style Service may be a better fit for you. Family Style catering serves your meal on platters to each table and guests are then encouraged to serve themselves. Much like the name implies, this style of catering allows your guests to become more intimate as they gather around their meal much like a Thanksgiving feast with family.