Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Planning Tips - How to Make The Most of Your Wedding Photography

Once you hire a professional photographer for your wedding, you already know you are in great hands, but here a a few things to think about to help learn about the process and make their job easier! 
First, make a list of who you want in your photo's and in what location. Make sure you include their full name and title. [ For example: Location -  At Golf Course 18th Hole People -  Brides family including Mary Jones (Mother of the Bride),  John Jones (Father of the Bide)...etc.] By having this list you will help streamline the photography process by knowing who you need when and where. 
Second, make sure you realize your photographer is not your time-keeper. They are there to capture every moment perfectly, and make sure that you wedding photo's are as beautiful as ever! In order to help your photography stay on track while still allowing him or her do what they do best, have a Wedding Planner or friend close by who is very familiar with your timeline and knows what your time limit is.  Also keeping your list handy can help prepare the next group being photographed and move along the process.
Finally, many brides and grooms enjoy taking photo's with all their guests at each table. If this is something you are also considering, try to allot at least an extra 30 minutes for this photo session. Often times, when visiting each table everyone wants to say hello and congratulate you, which usually takes more time than expected. 
We hope these tips help put you at ease and assist your wedding photographer to capture every moment of your special day beautifully!