Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Spin on the Wedding Guest Book

Many of today's couple are all about mixing the old with the new! In other words they love the idea of the long time wedding traditions, but like to add their own spin on them. Take the traditional guest book for example. What was once a way to acknowledge and respect the bride & grooms transition into marriage is now more of a fun way to interact, enjoy and reflect such a momentous day!

Couples today are all about getting their guest involved, and what better way than to start off your reception with a fun and interactive guest book! Below are a few ideas to get the creativity flowing... 

1) Love to play games? Try the Jenga guest book. You will be sure to have some good laughs and fond memories as you play this game as newlyweds!


2) The thumbprint wedding tree is a great way for your guests to leave their mark on your special day!

3) Are you a musical couple? Think about your guest signing your favorite instrument... you will be sure to become the "rock stars" of your own wedding!

4) Finally, always a favorite is the photo booth guest book. Stir things up even more by adding props or chalk boards where guests can write messages to the bride and groom in the photo!

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